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Gaelic 4 Girls Information for 2015.   21/01/2013

A chara,


I’m delighted to announce the opening of the 2015 LGFA Gaelic4Girls Programme!


In 2013, the Gaelic4Girls programme was revamped and relaunched with an aim to making the programme more attractive to clubs, to assist any struggling clubs, established clubs looking to expand their numbers at underage level or any potential areas where new clubs may evolve.  The programme was a huge success in 2013 and 2014, with 64 clubs applying for the programme.   40 Clubs representing 27 Counties, were successful in their application resulting in a total of 1,447 girls participating on the programme, 1,037 of which were never registered with the Association before. 


As you will see from the attached Information sheet and Application form, any Club can apply to be a part of the programme. Criteria have been outlined and it’s up to a Club to justify why they should be chosen.


One key change in this programme is how these sites will be selected. Clubs have between now and the 30th  January to apply. Following this, the County Development Officer, Provincial Development Officer and a member of the National Development Team, will discuss the applications and decide together, which two sites within a County are the most appropriate. A maximum of 2 sites can be selected from your County to participate in the Programme.


I would request that you send the attached information out to all Clubs in your County, making them aware of this exciting opportunity. There are numerous benefits to the programme, which are outlined in the attached documents. I would suggest you follow up with any particular Clubs you feel may benefit and encourage them to apply.


Look forward to working with you in delivering this programme.


If you have any queries on this, please don’t hesitate to contact ourselves or your Provincial Development Officer,




Paula Prunty

National Development Manager


Ladies Gaelic Football Association

Croke Park

Dublin 3


Tel: (01) 8363156

Mobile: 087 2741393

Email: paula@ladiesgaelic.ie



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