Gaelic4Mothers & others 2021 - Update

JUNE 2021 UPDATE ON Gaelic4Mothers & Others.

We have been delighted to see Gaelic Games activity recommence over the past few weeks and the final teams got back on pitches for games from last Monday. We need to stress however that we are still in the middle of a pandemic and it is essential that all guidelines are adhered to.

As you know Gaelic4Mothers&Others is a recreational activity and the programme has added so much to clubs across the country. The ethos has always been to the forefront to ensure the programme remains recreational, fun and open to all. We have at all times limited the number of games a Gaelic4Mothers&Others team may participate in as the programme is not about games but about the one hour a week of getting together in your local club through that social yet active setting.

It is therefore ESSENTIAL that clubs register their activity so if organising a friendly game against another club you must get prior approval by completing the link at G4M&O Activity Approval Form and no scores can be kept. We wish to sincerely thank you if you have been adhering to this since the programme recommenced.

Clubs cannot organise blitzes, with any more that 2 teams, under our current Gaelic4Mothers&Others guidelines but because there will be no provincial or national blitzes this year due to large numbers involved we are going to create playing opportunities for you.

What will this entail?

  • Your club will register their interest to participate in a mini-blitz or blitzes by clicking on G4M&O Blitz Participation Form (each club may participate in a maximum of three playing opportunities)
  • You can also register your interest to host one of these playing opportunities
  • Clubs will be grouped by the provincial development officer into 4 or 5 teams with the fixtures provided and the host club will be responsible for the setup of the pitches and ensuring referees in place
  • It will be aimed to group your club with different teams for each blitz where possible

What will the day look like in the club?

  • We will each host club with sample guidelines including set up of two mini pitches across a main pitch and the schedule of fixtures
  • The host club will ensure referees are in place to officiate at the games
  • The blitz must be non-competitive
  • There can be no use of dressing rooms or indoor facilities at any time pre, during or post blitz
  • Clubs may not organise post-event entertainment as visiting clubs must leave immediately after their final game

As above clubs may still seek prior approval for single games but any blitzes will be organised through this centralised system. If any club operates outside of these guidelines and we are notified of any games taking place that were not approved or that were played with scores being kept the club or clubs in question may be eliminated from the Gaelic4Mothers&Others programme as has happened previously.

We must stress this is a National programme with clear guidelines and one which we cherish due to the benefits involved for all participants so all guidelines in place are to protect this ethos for all clubs.

We really look forward to the additional playing opportunities being provided to all clubs and hope that your club will get involved. It is essential that your members are registered prior to the blitzes and have insurance in place.

We will forward full details in relation to these events including dates and venues as soon as clubs have registered their interest at the link above.

The Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative is an innovative way to introduce mothers and other women to playing Ladies Gaelic Football. Mothers often drop their kids to training and call back to collect them, but the Ladies Gaelic Football Association wants to change that.

The Gaelic4Mothers&Others initiative sees women playing Ladies Gaelic Football in a fun, non-competitive and social environment. Gaelic4Mothers&Others provides an opportunity for women to get their recommended weekly exercise in a fun way while meeting other mothers in the area.

The initiative has proved hugely popular with women of all ages and has taken off in all 32 counties with success stories popping up all over the country. For example in the Hurling County of Kilkenny the Conahy Shamrocks Club has attracted over 60 women to participate in the initiative.

There is one provinicial blitz organised in each province every year and one national blitz day  which have been a huge success with between 900 and 1000 mothers participating in the National Blitz Days each year.

For further information you can download the Gaelic4Mothers&Others Information booklet or contact:

Claire Burke -  Connacht Ladies Games Development Officer, Tel: 086 413 3538 or email 

Vincent Whelan - National Development Officer, Tel: 01 8363156 or Email: