Club Officer Roles & Information

Are you an official LGFA club officer?

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2 online modules available on the GAA Learning Portal

 - Club Officer Foundations:
- Leading Effective meetings:

All officers have very important roles in the club. It is essential that you are aware of what is expected of you as an officer. 

The main officers of a committee are:

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Club Officer Programme


The club is the keystone of our Association and its existence is essential to the operation of the Association. Being part of the club set up, be it as a player, an officer, a parent or mentor, comes with roles and responsibilities.

The Club Officer Programme is designed to provide guidance and support to Club Officers in a workshop format and in an information sharing environment. This programme is organised every two years for all counties.


Format for the Programme:

  • Welcome by County Chairperson
    • Agenda for the Evening
      • Discussion Forum
      • Individual Officer Programmes

– Chairperson and Vice Chairperson

– Secretary


–  Treasurer/Registrar

– Childrens Officer

  • My Club
    • LGFA Frequently Asked Questions
      • Questions and Answers

Why should clubs attend?

  • Clarity on Officer roles and responsibilities
    • Information on club administration
      • Information to enhance your club and club structures
      • Opportunity to share and gain ideas
      • Opportunity to ask questions
      • Volunteer recruitment information