History: Referees @ All Irelands in Croke Park 1987 - 2013.

In Connacht we had many people who officiated as linespeople, umpires and referees in our National Stadium in Croke Park.
Referees were:

John Hopkins of Mayo in 1987 Junior Final.
Michael Kelly of Roscommon in 1997 Junior All Ireland Final.
Marty Duffy of Sligo in 2001 and 2002 Senior All Ireland Finals.
Liam McDonagh of Sligo in 2003 Junior All Ireland Final.
Declan Corcoran of Mayo the TG4 Senior All Ireland Finals of 2006 & 2009. International Rules series 2006.
John Niland of Sligo TG4 Junior All Ireland Final 2010, TG4 Senior All Ireland Final 2011, Tesco Senior All Ireland Club Final 2012, Minor Replay 2013 & TG4 Senior All Ireland Final.

Seamus Regan of Roscommon  TG4 Junior All Ireland Final 2012.

Gus Chapman of Sligo TG4 Intermediate All Ireland Final 2013.