Anna Conlan Club Cpt 2011

  • Position: Midfield
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Achievements:  2011- Club Division 1 League 2010- Leitrim Division 4 League Club Intermediate Championship Club Connacht Intermediate Championship 2009- Club Division 2 League Club Junior A Championship Junior Connacht Club Runner up 2007- Leitrim Intermediate All-Ireland Champions 2006- Leitrim Junior Connacht Championship Club Division 3 League Club Junior B Championship
  • Toughest opponent: Fullback Mairead McMorrow
  • When did you start playing Ladies Gaelic:  8 years old
  • Favourite Sporting Moment: Club Connacht Intermediate Championship
    Leitrim Intermediate All-Ireland Champions
  • Biggest Disappointment: Mary Farrell doing her cruciate
  • Favourite Ladies Gaelic Players:  Iseult Conlan
  • Most embarrassing moment on or off the football field: My mum and sister knocking each other over on their way out to me on a pitch celebrating
  • Favourite Food:  Grapes
  • Favourite Ground:  Ballinamore Leitrim
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Skill:  Outside of the boot
  • Person you would most like to meet:  Donnchadh Walsh
  • One rule you would change in our game:  Only one hop one solo
  • Influences on your career: Erin Farrell and Deidree Slevin