Aine Caldwell Club Cpt 2011

  • Position: Corner Back
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Achievements:  1 Junior B County Title, 3 Junior A County Titles, 1 Intermediate County Title
  • Toughest opponent: Laura Brudell
  • When did you start playing Ladies Gaelic:  1998
  • Favourite Sporting Moment: Reaching the All Ireland Club Qtr Finals
  • Biggest Disappointment: Losing the Junior B Final in 2008
  • Favourite Ladies Gaelic Players:  Juliet Murphy
  • Favourite Food:  Steak
  • Favourite Ground:  Dr Hyde Park
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Skill:  Ball Pick Up
  • Person you would most like to meet:  President Obama
  • One rule you would change in our game:  Sin Bin Rule