Sarah Finnerty Club Cpt 2011

  • Position: Goalkeeper/defender/forward
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Achievements:  Club: Co. Champions u-12(01), u-14(03), 2 u-16 (04,05), 4 Minor (02,04,05,06), Intermediate (04) & 5 Senior (05,06,07,08,10), Connaught club Intermediate (2004), All-Ireland club Intermediate (2004), Feile Co. u-14 (03), League senior champions(05,06,07,08,09,10) Connaught Senior Runners up (06,08,10). San Francisco(Fog City Harps): League Champions (10), Championship Champions (10)
    School(Summerhill): Connaught 1st year Champions(03), All-Ireland Runners up Junior B(04), All-Ireland Senior B Champions (04), Connaught Senior A Champions (05) 2 Connaught Senior B(04,07). County: Runners up Connaught (03), All-Ireland Intermediate Champions(05), Div.4 League Runners up (11)
    College (It Sligo): Div 2. League Champions
  • Toughest opponent: Myself
  • When did you start playing Ladies Gaelic:  1996
  • Favourite Sporting Moment: Meeting some of the most amazing people through football
  • Biggest Disappointment: Injuries
  • Favourite Ladies Gaelic Players:  Briege Corkery
  • Most embarrassing moment on or off the football field: On the pitch: Thinking the ball was coming for me but really it was a bird (Then I realised I needed glasses (Specsavers)!!!
    Off the pitch: On way home from college match, I fell into a cattle grid (Say no more!!).
  • Favourite Food:   Cabbage and Bacon
  • Favourite Ground:  St.Brigids Roscommon/ Treasure Island San Francisco
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Skill:  Kicking
  • Person you would most like to meet:  Hope Solo (USA Goalkeeper )
  • One rule you would change in our game:  Sin bin
  • Influences on your career: My Parents, Sister, Brothers, Grandparents, Friends, Community/Club, Teammates, Management, School, College.