Laura Gillespie PPS All Star 2012

  • PPS School:  St.Attractas
  • Position: Midfield
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Achievements:  (Within last 5 Years) 2012 PPS Connacht All Star 2011 PPS Connacht All Star, 2011 Schools Senior ‘A’ Connacht Champions, 2011 Club Junior County League and Championship winners, 2011 Club Connacht finalists, 2011 Minor B County champions, 2010 Vice Captain of Sligo Connacht A U-16 winners, 2010 Schools Connacht senior A r-up and junior B r-up, 2009 Junior player of the year 2009 Minor B all Ire R-up 2008 U14 Con A finalists, Feile National and International skills
  • Toughest opponent: Siobhan O’Sullivan.
  • When did you start playing Ladies Gaelic:  About 7
  • Favourite Sporting Moment: Meeting Mickey Harte/ Winning first Connacht u-16 A title with Sligo 2010
  • Biggest Disappointment: Losing Junior Schools Connacht final by 1 point in 2010.
  • Favourite Ladies Gaelic Players:  Noelle Gormley (Totti) and Fiona McHale.
  • Most embarrassing moment on or off the football field: No comment!!
  • Favourite Food:  Roast Chicken&Stuffing.
  • Favourite Ground:  Kilcoyne Park Tubbercurry and Croke Park
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Skill:  Fielding
  • Your Ideal Job:  PE Teacher/Nutritionist
  • Person you would most like to meet:  KatieTaylor or Westlife
  • One rule you would change in our game:  Physicality or 45s from the hands.
  • Influences on your career: My Dad and my family, Noelle Gormley who I had since summer-camps, then school and County.