Etna Flanagan Int Cpt 2012

  • Position: Corner Back
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Achievements:  All Ireland Junior Champions 2006, Connacht Champions 2005, Club Intermediate champions ’05 ’07, Club league winners ’05, ’06, ‘07 Connacht Club champions ’07, Club senior champions 2010. Minor championship winner. Runner Up in Lynch Cup ‘97
  • Toughest opponent: Ciara O’Sullivan
  • When did you start playing Ladies Gaelic:  1990
  • Favourite Sporting Moment: Winning the Junior All Ireland Final in 2006
  • Biggest Disappointment: Losing All Ireland final in 2005
  • Favourite Ladies Gaelic Players:  Female: Juliette Murphy Male: Brian Dooher
  • Most embarrassing moment on or off the football field: A wardrobe malfunction at a wedding
  • Favourite Food:  Chocolate
  • Favourite Ground:  O’Moore Park, Portlaoise
  • Ladies Gaelic Football Skill:  Soloing
  • Your Ideal Job:  Mother to 3 beautiful children
  • Person you would most like to meet:  Barack Obama
  • One rule you would change in our game:  I think the game should be made a little more physical with shouldering being allowed in the rules.
  • Influences on your career: My husband, Connor has been a huge influence on my football career. If it weren’t for his encouragement and support especially since the 3 kids came along I probably wouldn’t even be playing football now.